Mahesh Nilakh,
Founder & CEO
Mahesh is committed to creating commercial and residential spaces, which give the user a sense of warmth and well-being. An Architect by qualification, he has been instrumental in the evolution of Wiseart into a full-grown design firm, which today offers turnkey solutions along with an in-house facility for custom-made furniture and fitouts.
By following a process-oriented approach, Mahesh brings technology and people together to create value engineering solutions. An alumnus of NICMAR, Pune, Mahesh, draws his inspiration from myriad travel experiences, and loves to go to the grassroots of ‘how things are made’, and ‘how they can be improvised to bring in ease in everyday living.’
Break it down
to the basics
and Create
new things
Shrutika Nilakh,
Co-founder & Head of Design
Shrutika, an Architect by profession, leads the design think-tank at Wiseart. A highly inspired and idea-orientated designer, she brings on board her passion and knowledge of design and experience of working with various creative platforms. Her experience comes from creating designs for various commercial, residential and business spaces. She believes the key thing that holds a design and idea together is ‘detailing’.
Shrutika believes her biggest achievement is to continuously innovate in her work. Her focus is to create design that is contextual and contemporary, while keeping the clients’ need as the pulse of her work. An avid trekker and movie buff, Shrutika believes every job comes with an opportunity to create a magnificent work of art.
bring alive the
story of every
space through
Harshal Turkar,
Director – Project Operations
Harshal is an Architect and an alumnus of NICMAR, Pune. He focuses on bringing alive the design within the defined timeframe and cost parameters. Maintaining profitability and customer relationships are his key strengths.
For him, when a project is successfully completed, it’s very important to see a smile and pride on a client’s face. Harshal believes his creativity and knowledge of design plays a crucial role. He feels, while designing it’s important to trust one’s creative instincts and allow the space to convert itself into a timeless piece of art.
and evolve
at work