Key Project Facts
Art Inspiration
Geometric patterns
used on Ceiling and Walls with flawless installation
bound with sleek & Creative workstation Requirements
Impressive production of
Panelling & Ceiling designs
Value Engineering
A simple palette of materials detailed carefully Creates an impression of
quality and longevity
Project Name Danaher
Client Name Danaher
Year of Project 2017
Services provided Design + Build
The innovative approach and careful proportioning of the design Elements
adds a newness with changing pattern of walls and ceiling with functional work spaces
Design Brief
Danaher Corporation is an American company whose products are concentrated in the fields of design, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial and consumer products. The brief was to design the office in such a way that individual team seating space should have its own identity yet it should compliment the entire design to form one big picture.
Traditional wall paint were replaced with colorful accoustic Panel boards, wallpapers, laminated suspended panels to bring in exquisite look and feel of innovation. Danaher wanted us to pursue out of the box ideas to add value and advance innovation for their office space Clients challenge us, and we challenge ourselves, to continuously handover new innovations & set the bar high for ourselves.