Key Project Facts
Art Inspiration
Expressing Fortive Identity and approach through the space creating unique
elements that blend with the team and represent its youthfulness.
Creating custom made Wooden fin boards to creatively breakthrough
cafeteria with blend of bright colours
Value Engineering
Creating right environment for an energetic &
professional work Experience
Project Name Fortive
Client Name Fortive
Year of Project 2017
Services provided Design + Build
Design brings out Fortive business approach through contemporary elements
& how innovative concepts become finished products. 
Design Brief
Fortive, The Essential Technology Company Fortive assess the market, including secular growth drivers and opportunities for consolidation & analyse the company’s market position and potential, including brand strength and margin expansion opportunities The challenge was to design the space in such a way that aesthetics would not hamper functionality of different teams yet make a bold statement.
WiseArt have created an office with clear lines and classic colours with fusion of fins The design is accentuated by innovative use of wooden fins, Panelling & symmetric grid pattern of false ceiling.