Key Project Facts
Art Inspiration
Impressive use of Sleek vertical members, Wooden fin boards, Flexible seats spread ,
Ergonomically designed workstations & free strokes of Yellow & green colour to bring in Raw Energy and new idea to the space
Creation of multifunctional & collborative dynamic work space environment
Value Engineering
Scale & proportion designed for sustainability
Project Name iKeva
Client Name iKeva
Year of Project 2017
Services provided Design + Build
The design concept creates flexible collaborative seating zones & accomplish precise and functional implementation of space planning and innovation for Ikeva.
Design Brief
Ikeva Furnished office space solution for corporate growing business needs…iKeva provides workspace with community and member benefits. Access a vibrant work environment. Plug into a community of high energy teams and discover limitless benefits. The challenge was to design different collaborative spaces in one office. Each one having its own identity and character.
WiseArt have created  the right balance between aesthetics and functionality & Provided Focused work environment to Nurture their idea and company’s growth The office has clean lines and aesthetical design that highlight modernity & accentuated by innovative use of colorful accoustical material pallette to provide openness, freshness & enthusiasm